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On-line retreat

Presence and Pleasure

Do you ache to embody your sensual nature and magnetic sexual radiance?

Presence and Pleasure
Presence and Pleasure

Time & Location


On-line retreat

About the Event

Do you ache to embody your sensual nature and magnetic sexual radiance?

When you feel safe to exxplore your sensuality with curiousity and innocence you naturally cultivate a deeper resonance with presence and pleasure. When you fundamentally connect presence and pleasure, the expression of your sensual, sexual essence becomes effortless and magnetic.

Women who are grounded in their womb space cultivate deep inner trust.

Join us for an experiential journey from the safety of your own home to:

  • Rediscoveryour sensual self
  • Amplify your magnetic attraction
  • Unearth your unique, playful sensual nature
  • Open your heart to more pleasure
  • Rejuvenate the natural resource of your sexual energy
  • Release limiting patterns and ancestral burdens that have kept you from embodying your potent feminine radiance
  • Deepen your presence by re-connecting to your womb space and inner truth
  • Hold space for other women and feel supported on your journey
  • Participate in a drum joureny to release blocks to pleasure, re-ignite your relationship with pleasure and meet your inner sexual goddess
  • Do a healing ceremony in nature (weather permitting)

On-line retreat November 18 6:00PM PST and November 19 and 20,  A10:00 - 6:00 PST

To register e-mail or call 604-220-9265

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