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Chest and Breast Massage Workshop

This is a 3 day clinical workshop offered for bodywork practitioners.

Chest and Breast Massage Workshop
Chest and Breast Massage Workshop

Time & Location


Vancouver,BC, To be shared with registration

About the Event

Have you ever had a client who had a mastectomy scar, injury to breast tissue or breast tenderness and you wished you had the knowledge, skills and confidence to offer a comprehensive chest and breast massage? Breasts have tissue needs the same as any other part of our body and at some point during life many will experience discomfort or symptoms that warrant a chest and breast massage. This hands-on breast massage workshop you will:

  • Increase your knowledge about your own breast health. 
  • Speak confidently about breast massage and conduct consent-based interviews with potential clients.
  • Discuss professional ethics, develop good therapeutic boundaries and become aware of your projections.
  • Develope deeper awareness about your own tissues.
  • Study the structure and function of breasts.
  • Become aware of common breast pathologies and ominous signs.
  • Develop proficiency with therapeutic breast massage techniques that will boost your massage/spa therapy offerings.
  • Learn client positioning options and draping modifications.
  • Apply scar tissue remediation with ease and care.
  • Learn to guide your clients through a self-care massage protocol that will bolster their overall breast health. 
  • Learn about adjunct therapies that enhance breast health.

**Please note participants will be practicing breast massage skills on other participants and others will be practicing on you in class.**

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