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About Sheryl
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I’m Sheryl-Dawn, my name means Beloved Awakening.

I primarily help women heal their hearts, connect to their wombs, and reclaim their eros so they have more freedom, power, purpose and pleasure.

In my practice, I weave together the diverse skills I've acquired over 26 + years through science-based medicine, complementary and natural healing, and the erotic arts. My integrative practice includes womb coaching, hands-on body-centered therapy, ceremonial work and workshops.

I've treated thousands of people (women, non-binary/transgender folks and men) and I can count on one hand the number of people with vibrant, flowing, vital life force energy coursing through their pelvis's. 


I believe the missing ingredient in deep, authentic, embodied healing is integrating and prioritizing our sexuality, sensuality and pleasure. It’s where I’ve found my deepest Awakening to my Beloved self-empowerment, authentic sexual expression, sensuality and pleasure.


It would be an honor to help you unmask the barriers that have kept you from your Beloved Awakening.

Sheryl-Dawn is a body centered therapist, womb coach and sexual awareness and intimacy coach with training in over 17 different body based therapies, shamanic coaching and more.


She has had a clinical practice since 1995, 18 years of post-secondary teaching experience and in 2021 she co-created a Womb Coaching Certification Program with the Institute of Shamanic Medicine.


Her real education began when she started to explore her own sexual healing in her mid 20’s. She tried many different methods along her self-healing journey and soon realized the limitations of using only one modality or a clinical approach. An integrated approach was the key to transformational healing with lasting results, and a commitment to physical embodiment, a receptive mind, open-hearted vulnerability, soulfulness and erotic engagement.


Sheryl-Dawn has witnessed again and again the results of the unhealed scars from deep conditioning around sexuality. These wounds remain blocks to vitality, pleasure, creativity, physical, emotional and mental balance.  Sexual vitality is a wellspring of natural replenishment and revitalization that enlivens and enriches.

True healing happens in a safe setting where the nervous system is given time and space to settle and regulate.  Sheryl-Dawn helps people to explore the hidden dynamics of unconscious, embedded patterns and supports releasing from the body, cellular memory and psyche simultaneously.

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